WILD BIRD PRODUCTS from ‘ the feed bin ’

the feed bin's aim is to help clients to save time and money, whilst providing the best for their WILD BIRDS.

The best reality show is happening just outside your window… life, colour and song.

At the feed bin we supply straight seeds, mixtures, peanuts, suet and fat treats for wild birds. From standard mixtures to top of the range premium no waste mixtures the feed bin can supply all. Bulk bags for an economy purchase or pre-packed small bags for convenience, either way the comprehensive range of products the feed bin offers allows you to attract and meet the feeding requirements of a multitude of wild bird species and wild life.

Below is a table showing the types of foodstuffs (along the top) regularly taken by the wild birds (down the side).

COLLARED DOVE                  

It is advised by the RSPB and BTO to feed your garden birds all year round. This is due to the depletion of natural food sources due to ever increasing over urbanisation. By providing food all year round and offering varieties of foods this will attract different bird species and aid the birds to thrive. Some foods are more seasonally suited, for example mealworms in the springtime – ideal for chicks; peanuts, sunflowers and suet – high oil foodstuffs ideal for the cold wintery seasons. Mixtures, straight seeds and suet [whether it be in pellet, ball, block or log form] can be fed from a feeder or loose on a table. Historically birds such as Thrushes and Blackbirds are ground feeders, however we at the feed bin have a table feeding Blackbird and we’ve heard of similar Thrushes.
NOTE: Peanuts should be fed from a suitable peanut feeder, as young birds can choke on whole peanuts.
NOTE: Fat balls should be removed from their nets before feeding, preventing legs being caught.

The wild birds will come to depend on your feeding stations, and will use much energy travelling to them, expecting a hearty meal at journeys end. As well as feeds for the wild birds, the feed bin supplies various Seed, Peanut & Suet Wild Bird Feeders – in economy / premium / grand styles in varying materials such as plastic / ceramic / stainless steel / copper; Self Assembly Bird Tables [made using FSC wood], Wild Bird Feeding Stations - ideal for start ups, Wild Bird Baths, Bird Table Disinfectants – which along with good hygiene help prevent mould and bacteria build up; and a variety of Nesting Boxes [made using FSC wood]. If you have unwanted visitors on your feeders the feed bin also supplies squirrel ‘proof’ feeders, squirrel resistant feeders, squirrel baffles, ground feeder covers, feeder poles etc..


the feed bin supplies food for garden WILDLIFE too. Animals such as Hedgehogs, Badgers, Foxes and Squirrels. Please see the OTHERS page, SMALL FURRY section for further details.

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