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the feed bin's aim is to help clients to save time and money, whilst providing the best for their HORSES.

Fibre, nutrients and water.Get this combination correct and your equine friend should be happy and healthy

Water is necessary for life. It should be freely available, fresh and clean.

Fibre is what the horses digestive system was designed to survive on. Fibre is the grass in the field. Fibre is the straw chaff, the alfalfa chaff, the sugarbeet in the bucket. Fibre is the hay / haylage / oat straw in the haynet / hayrack or on the floor. Fibre will provide slow release energy. Fibre as it is digested in the hind gut will keep the horse warm. Fibre will keep your horse occupied. Fibre in excess will provide weight gain. A diet lacking in fibre will result in weight loss and probable illness.

Our domesticated horses will need the addition of … READ MORE

As well as fibres, forages, feeds, supplements and balancers for horses at the feed bin we supply: headcollars, lead ropes, lead reins, numnahs, saddle cloths, saddle pads, girths, stirrups, bridles, snaffle bits, pelham bits, gag bits, bridoon bits, bit guards, martingales, martingale rein stops, breast plates, bandages, grooming equipment, shampoos, coat conditioners, hoof oils, hoof creams, brushing boots, over-reach boots, tendon boots, travelling boots, knee boots, hock boots, fry fringes, fry screens, fly repellent sprays, fly repellent creams, nose nets, ear nets, saddle soaps oils & sprays, haynets, hayracks, buckets, trugs, feed scoops, dried herbs, herbal tinctures, herb mixes, salt licks, mineral licks, Himalayan salt blocks, treats, sweat rugs, cooler rugs, exercise sheets, turnout rugs, stable rugs, hi vis gear, first aid equipment, self adhesive bandages, veterinary absorbent dressings etc etc…

For the horse rider the feed bin can supply: wellington boots, jodhpur boots, long riding boots, full chaps, half chaps. Unfortunately due to safety reasons the feed bin does not sell riding hats or body protectors of any kind, nor recommend you buy such a product without having it expertly fitted.

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the feed bin is able to obtain products by this company so simply ask for what you need.

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Our domesticated horses will need the addition of vitamins and minerals to their fibre based diet, as our contained fields and grassland will not be able to provide the RDA 365 days a year, possibly not at all. During the few weeks of the year when our pastures are green and lush (full of water and sugars), does not mean it is able to provide all the nutrients your equine friend requires to be healthy and happy. Getting the soil routinely analysed is a good way of find out what is present and missing.

Nutrients. We at the feed bin find owners very rarely feed enough - according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Owners feel the recommended weight (in volume) is far too much for their equine friends. These guidelines on the bag of a of compound horse feed are there to advise that necessary to provide the required daily nutrients - the RDA. If these guidelines are not followed and a reduced amount is fed, a feed balancer or multi-vitamin & mineral supplement / lick should be added to top up / provide those nutrients lacking or missing.

With the vast ranges of mixes and cubes for equines available; it is far easier to change [to a lower DE - MJ/KG] and feed as recommended, than attempt to provide the nutrients missing by reducing the ration and adding a supplement, balancer or lick. This may lead to over dosing on some nutrients which may do more harm than good.

An even easier option for the good doer, happy hacker, old or even young horse is to feed a forage based diet and a feed / forage balancer (instead of a compound mix or cube). The Balancers are nutrient dense, and designed to be fed in very small quantities, so to the owner the volume of feed looks small enough, but for the horse is would provide all the nutrients required for maintenance (without the calories of a traditional mix or cube). Feeding a Balancer this way is the same 365 days a year. Extremely simple. the feed bin finds owners are scared by the Balancer price tag, as they range in price from £24 to £45 for a 20kg sack. Note a 20kg Balancer would last a 500kg horse 40 days - fed at a daily rate of 1gram per kilogram of bodyweight. If this is compared to the cost of a traditional compound mix or cube for the same weight of horse (one bag would last approx 6 – 7 days if fed as recommended) where five bags would be purchased over the same time - a Balancer is less expensive.

The diet of your Equine friend will determine the quality of hoof growth, coat condition and all round general health. If hoof horn quality is a problem looking back one year at the diet may show why. Adding Hoof supplements rich in Biotin, Zinc, Methionine and MSM to the diet will aid the growth, and improve horn quality but it will take many months to see results.

If your equine friend is an athlete who regularly competes or is getting older; the addition of a joint supplement would likely aid freedom of movement. Glucosamine, Chrondroitin and MSM are common compounds found in such supplements. The best ones will have an anti-inflammatory compound in them too. Recently the HCL verses Sulphate debate has been researched by Arthritis UK – a charitable organisation for humans, who did an independent study (on humans) and found the Glucosamine Sulphate to be more beneficial in supplements for joints than the Glucosamine HCL. the feed bin supplies supplements for joint care containing either – so you can choose.        BACK TO TOP

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the feed bin has for sale a selection of extremely good (look like new) condition books. Click on the book image to be taken to our facebook page album showing the items and their prices… These are sometimes available on EBAY. Search and save seller INDYPOPS22

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Ever wanted a round Hay Rack for the field?  Found them far too big, unmoveable and too expensive…?  the feed bin has a solution…  We have teamed up with an independent UK manufacturer who makes Galvanized Field Hay Racks. The Hay Racks arrive via a pallet delivery company fully assembled, and carry a two year manufacturer’s guarantee. Size wise the Hay Rack is 1 metre in diameter, 770mm high, and has a depth of 450mm making it easily moveable around the field to prevent poaching of the ground. Capacity is a bale of hay / midi bale haylage. For more photos please see our facebook page by clicking on the image on the left: