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the feed bin's aim is to help clients to save time and money, whilst providing the best for their DOGS.

Top tip... Don’t buy into flashy packaging, television and magazine advertising… This is paid for by YOU! There are many excellent Super Premium / Premium lesser known dog food brands on the market, that are fixed formulations and hypoallergenic that are NOT overpriced due to marketing….! the feed bin advises in all situations to look past the packaging and ALWAYS CHECK THE INGREDIENTS within the dog food.

By law the ingredients have to be shown on the packaging in order of inclusion. This composition list should say exactly what is within the food…   Ideal [Super Premium Dog Food] would be a content of Meat as a 1st ingredient (protein source); Rice, Maize or Potato the 2nd ingredient (carbohydrate source); the fewer different ingredients the better. There are many dogs who are intolerant to certain ingredients, these intolerances showing in paw biting, excessive scratching / itchiness, dry coats, loose stools etc.  For these dogs the feed bin would always advise a fixed formulation Super Premium and Hypoallergenic complete dog food. These ‘hypoallergenic’ dog foods are manufactured without using gluten, dairy, artificial colours, artificial preservatives and some protein sources such as beef or egg, (ingredients which have been known to cause adverse effects when fed to some dogs).  Super Premium dog foods are nutrient dense, therefore the amount to be fed daily is little, reducing the daily feeding costs (comparing to feeding a cheap formulation product at much higher levels ). Generally your canine friend if fed on a Super Premium dog food they will moult less, pass wind less and because the food is highly digestible, they will poop less (compared to feeding cheap formulation dog foods) and it would be much easier to clear up, with fewer odours.

Premium complete dry dog foods with a Carbohydrate:Protein ration are just as good. Most are fixed in formulation (although always check with the manufacturer if your dog suffers from severe intolerances). In theory the premium brands should be less expensive. You get what you pay for…. Super Premium Dry = (Protein:Carbohydrate) £40+. Premium Dry = (Carbohydrate:Protein) £30+.

For dogs that have dietary intolerances avoid cheap formulation dog foods that contain as the 1st ingredient ‘meat & animal derivatives’ – this could be any bits of any animal! Avoid ‘cereals’ – this could be wheat, barley etc whatever ingredient that was cheapest to include when the food was manufactured. You are never sure what is in this cheap formulation food, and it changes each time you purchase a bag. However dogs which are not prone to any intolerance would happily maintain their condition and energy levels on such cheap formulation products. Cost of such cheap formulation dry dog foods would range from £10 upwards.

Normally dogs will eat ANYTHING and we at the feed bin do not believe fussy dogs exist… These dogs are simply not hungry enough to eat what is given to them, or they are given a choice. However should your dog turn its nose up at the bowl… Look at the ingredients.. If they don’t sound appetising to you……

There are many different complete dog foods for Puppies, Juniors, Adults, Seniors and Overweight Dogs / Lite foods. There are even breed specific foods. Dog foods for Mini Breeds, Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, Giant Breeds, Working Dog foods (VAT FREE), the feed bin is able to cater for all.

the feed bin also supplies Super Premium, Premium and Cheap Formulation wet foods for dogs; in trays, pouches and tins.

the feed bin is able to supply wet & dry ‘veterinary’ / ‘prescription’ diets from Eukanuba, Hills, Purina and Royal Canin.

As well as dry and wet feeds for dogs at the feed bin we supply BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw/Real Food) diets, dog joint supplements, dog coat supplements, dog biscuits, rawhide dog chews, moist dog treats, dog training treats, herbs for dogs, dog drinking bowls, dog feeding bowls, herbal & chemical internal parasite control, flea & tick treatments, dog toothpaste, dog toothbrushes, dog collars, dog leads, extendible dog leads, dog tie out spirals, dog harnesses, dog muzzles, dog shoes, dog toys, dog shampoos, dog coats, dog grooming tools, poop scoops, poop bags, puppy toilet training pads, dog crates, dog car crates, soft dog beds, solid dog beds etc.. Everything you need for your canine friends.

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