CAT PRODUCTS from ‘ the feed bin ’

the feed bin's aim is to help clients to save time and money, whilst providing the best for their CATS.

Cats are inherently fussy, and would often prefer to go without food than eat something they do not like. Therefore at the feed bin we would always suggest a high meat content ‘super premium’ complete dry cat food. Cats are obligate carnivores so need a meat based diet, which not only would be much tastier [than cheap 90% cereal based foods], it would be nutrient dense – providing optimum nutrition in a smaller meal.  Most of the ‘super premium’ brands fitting within this category are available in small [trial size if you like] sizes, enabling you to test the taste buds of your feline friend, before purchasing a economy /bulk sized pack of cat food.  Do not be put off by the price tag of ‘super premium’ cat foods - due to the high quality ingredients within them, the cost per day is relative to feeding cheaper cat foods (in quantity - to provide the same level of nutrition). Wet cat foods have their place and many cats love them. We recommend high meat content super premium cat foods packaged in pouches, foils and tins.

Cats are fussy too about Cat Litter.  Some prefer the dusty fuller’s earth type cat litter, others pelleted or silica cat litters.  There has been many innovations over the years, with many different varieties of cat litter now available.  The latest being extremely eco-friendly straw pellet cat litter which is flushable and compostable - 5kg of this product [if used as recommended] is equivalent to using 45kg of an economy brand cat litter!!  At the feed bin we are always keen to promote environmentally friendly products so we have small samples.. Please ask for one.

There are many different complete cat foods for Kittens, Queens, Seniors and Overweight Cats / Lite foods.  There are even breed specific cat foods.  Cat foods for Indoor Cats, Outdoor Cats, Hairball Prone Cats the feed bin is able to cater for all.

the feed bin is able to supply wet & dry ‘veterinary’ / ‘prescription’ diets from Hills, Purina and Royal Canin.

As well as feeds and litters for cats at the feed bin we supply cat joint & coat supplements, herbal & chemical parasite control, cat collars, cat toys & cat ticklers, cat litter trays and litter tray liners, cat scratching posts, cat feeding bowls, cat feeding mats, sporks, cat drinking bowls, cat carriers, cat baskets, cat beds, shampoos, grooming tools etc..  Everything you need for your feline friends.

the feed bin brands of Cat Products

Please click on a logo image to be taken to our facebook page where you will find an album, within it are a selection of the products available from that brand.  If there is no link.the fact the brands’ logo is shown informs that the feed bin is able to obtain products by this company so simply ask for what you need.

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